Friday, February 13, 2009

Leaping Intuitively

Sometimes we are faced with unavoidable decisions, decisions where we have to choose whether to open Door A or Door B. Weighing the pros and cons, it can be an exhausting process without any clear route to take. Other times, we make the leap, knowing intuitively it is the journey we must take. We don't know HOW to get there, but get there we must. We dig in our heels, and start to figure out how to make our way.

When I think back to those times: taking on choreographing my first fashion show, producing my first live tv show, moving to Toronto with no job and no place to stay.... those were the best decisions of my life. I had no idea what the next step was. I simply put my faith in my abilities and that life is abundant with enough to go around for everyone. You just have to ask clearly and concisely. And at each step of the way, what I needed presented itself when the time came. And each venture was a success!

I hope this is the case for young Alfie Patten, a young new father at age 13 (link to the news story at the bottom). Luckily, he and his 15 year old girlfriend did not have a premature baby (higher risk for moms under 18); they will have enough to cope with right now. Young Alfie has no idea what he is getting into; he is scared. But he made his choice, knowing deep down he wants to be a good father. And he is walking his talk. What more could you ask from this young man? He has a lot of choices to make, and perhaps each decision along the way won't be so clear cut. Time will tell. He has a tough road to hoe and I wish him all the best.

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