Sunday, July 6, 2008

Life's Little Instruction Book - Tip #424 of 511

Sign and carry your organ donor card.

Incidentally, I finally got an 'invitation' from OHIP to get a photo card. I've had that old red and white card for donkeys' years. It has become so old and ratty, I have to point out where the version code is because it's right under some yucky plastic covering that has now curled up and is peeled back.

So I went in to get my card renewed. I was asked if I intended to donate my organs, and of course I replied 'yes'. For those of you who don't know, I've always signed my organ donor card, but am especially conscious of how important this is since my sister had a kidney transplant about 5 years ago now.

But short story long, I digress. When don't I digress? I never, ever have a short story! At any rate, I was really pleased to find out that if you wish to donate any or all of your organs, that information is placed right on the back of your card, which is so very important. Time is of the essence and lots of viable organs are lost due to hospital staff trying to verify what the person's wishes were.

Soooo, sing, er, sign and carry your donor card. Just do it!

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