Thursday, July 31, 2008


We were eating chicken for dinner and Daddy decided he'd like some habanero sauce on his. Isla, of course, wanted to try some sauce too. After trying to talk her out of it, Daddy finally put a teensy, weensy bit of hot sauce on her plate. Isla dabbed it up and pronounced the sauce, "Good!" and demanded "More sauce!". Daddy gave her another tiny dab of hot sauce, which she devoured. This went on quite a few times, until Isla reached over and dropped her chicken into a big puddle of Daddy's hot sauce. She snatched it away and gobbled it up before we could stop her. We watched helplessly, feeling like terrible parents, waiting for her to cry or shriek. She turned to us and said, "Good sauce! More!". Unbelievable.

And right now, she is eating a bowl of Thai Curry chips (rice chips) and can't get enough.

(c) Susan James, All Rights Reserved

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