Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Potty Training - Posting #1

Well, we got a potty for Isla 2 weekends ago. When does she start using it? LOL Or more to the point, "Now what?". We are such delinquents. It's been so busy these past few weeks, we haven't even started to work on it. I hear you should devote a full day to it and then in a day, or two, it's done! Too bad my Nanny James is not still here. She would have had me training Isla at 10 months! For her part, Isla is quite excited to have her own potty. She doesn't QUITE get what it's for, but it's all hers. She likes to sit on it when Mommy or Daddy is in the "office" and talks about using it, but so far no results!

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