Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm 28 months and I can say my alpha-bet all by myself. Over and over. Sometimes I miss a letter, or I only say part of the sound. Daddy said, of course I could do it and Mommy - who has been working on me for MONTHS, even since before I was ONE, was surprised. Two days ago, I wasn't interested in repeating the letters for her. Even earlier today, I was not ready to let her know that I could even say two letters in a row when she was coaching me. All of a sudden - SPROING - out comes the alphabet, in order, many times over.

Mommy says, "Thank you, Frances", for showing her how to label words and sounds when I was so young. Mommy says, if she had not known how to show me how to say sounds and letters as early as she did, it would be a lot longer before I could say them.

And I'm getting there with my big muscle skills. In the last 2 weeks, I insist on climbing the rungs on every jungle jim I can. Mommy used to discourage me from doing it ("You are too small and it's too dangerous"), but I don't let her stop me. Finally, Mommy showed me how to do it and she climbs up the jungle jim with me so I don't fall. The other kids don't like Mommy on their jungle jim with us ("No adults allowed"), but Mommy doesn't seem to notice.

I'll have to tell Alice that I'm climbing everything: going up the middle of the stairs (no hands!), running across soccer fields and down the halls at Sick Kids ("chase me, Mommy"), climbing the furniture, out of my high chair and up over the back, out of my stroller, into the car, in and out of my car seat so I can get to the drivers' seat to "drive". When I'm standing still or walking, sometimes I still fall over at unpredictable times and I'm still falling down the stairs ... but I'm doing so much more than last year at this time (16 months) when I was just crawling.

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