Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is Your Account in Overdraft?

How are your relationships doing in this economy? Have you "over-spent" in the good times, cashing in on too many favours but not returning them when it was clearly needed? Did you make deposits steadily into your relationships while the economy was good or did you try to buy your way out of debt, because your business did well in the bull market without having to spend time on an activity without a clearly-defined ROI?

Well, my friend, these are the days of reckoning. The result of those actions will now become clear. If you are struggling in your business; if your business is floundering in these rough, economic times; if your client base has diminished; if you now need to re-invent the marketing wheel in order to find new ways to increase your client base.... then, you are overdrawn my friend.

If referrals are flowing in more than ever, because friends and colleagues want to ensure your business does well, then you have secured solid relationships, your 'savings' account is healthy and you have an excellent cash position.

What can you do today, to solidify relationships with those around you? It's not just what you know, and it's not just who you know, it's who you have given to and who you have served, that will make the world go around.

Think about it.

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