Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CHRONICLES OF ISLA - Telemarketers and me

Well, Mummy has been so busy lately she hasn't posted anything. She keeps trying to memorize things I do to report to everyone. She doesn't even take time to make a note, so I'm going to write something now while she's not using the computer.

Last week, or longer, a telemarketer called while we were having dinner. Daddy picked up the phone and handed it to me. "Hiiiiiiiii!!" I shrilled. "Good evening, How are you today?" Mummy and Daddy both heard the telemarketer say. He didn't seem to notice he was talking to a toddler. "Dhud!" I replied. Mummy and Daddy started to laugh. The telemarketer started into his spiel, but I interrupted with a "Hiiiiii!!!" again. The telemarketer began again, "Good evening, How are you today?". Was he practicing? He didn't seem to notice he was on the phone with a baby. How could he not figure it out? Mummy and Daddy started to laugh harder while also trying not to make any noise. Tears started to pour down Mummy's face. The telemarketer continued to try to talk to me, and I continued to try to talk to him. Mummy and Daddy almost fell of their chairs, the were now laughing so hard. Finally, Daddy reached over and hung up the phone. Serves that man for calling during dinner!!!

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